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Weather VS Church

When crazy weather hits, and you’re wondering, “Is Church still going on?” this is the page to check.

All 3 Sunday Services: OPEN!  

We’re here and open.
Stay safe if it’s not okay for you to get out!

Also live streaming 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30 at

Check back closer to service times for any updates. Latest update: January 13, 4:51pm.



Never been here before? Here’s what to expect.

Fact: We haven’t closed because of bad weather since the Church began, in 2004.

What are our general guidelines for how we decide what to do when the weather is a jerk?

We are more cautious with youth or children events (when parents aren’t nearby), but as far as Sunday services:

#1) If  Wal-Mart, the movie theater, or McDonald’s is open, we’ll probably be open, too. God is more important than any of them.

#2) In the very unlikely event that we don’t have a public service, we’ll have a live stream at with teaching and music. Yeah, if one tech guy and one preacher can make it, and the power is on, we’ll stream something. And our Pastors and tech guys are pretty crazy about getting here.

#3) We love Jesus, and each other, more than we hate rain, cold, icy, snowy, windy, angry weather.

#4) If you know it is not safe for you to drive, walk, or be out: stay at home to watch, and give, online.