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Revolution leadership

The people at Revolution Church have a good combination of fun, integrity, mercy, hilarious awkwardness, and passion for God. It works well.

Church Staff

Jeff Piepho

Lead Pastor

Read about Jeff

He’s the Founding Pastor of Revolution Church, but don’t call him “Pastor Jeff” – he prefers if you just call him “Jeff.” Or “hey you” works fine too. Jeff’s teaching style is a combination between Chuck Norris’ power and Denzel Washington’s stage presence. But, enough of what Jeff thinks about himself. The truth is, Jeff has a passion for reaching those who have never been in Church, or haven’t been for a long time. “I just want to help people know who Jesus is, and what he’s done for them!” he says. Another passion Jeff has is for adoption and foster care. He, and his wife, Meadow, have been foster parents for over fifty children, and have adopted 6! He is the former President of KFAPA (the Kansas Foster and Adoptive Parent Association). Using his masters degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, Jeff hosts a popular podcast and radio show, Truth Revolution. It is where “faith and reason meet” as each week they tackle science, mathematics, archeology, and logic, integrating them into faith, Biblical studies, and religion. Truth Revolution can be heard on thirteen radio channels and podcasts, as well as broadcasts on TV and YouTube.

Meadow Piepho

Revokids Director

Read about Meadow

Meadow helped found Revolution, along with her husband, Pastor Jeff. Meadow is the director of Revokids, which includes the Nursery, Tot-spot, Kidopolis, and Club JD. Basically, she makes sure everyone from babies to 6th grade is growing Spiritually at Revolution Church. With a B.A. in Communications from Tabor College, and job experience in administration, teaching, event planning, and management Meadow carries a unique combination of skill necessary to pull of this huge ministry every single week. Meadow, with her husband, also is passionate about foster care. She has taken in over fifty kids into her home, has adopted 6 kids, and worked with numerous birth parents through the process of foster care and adoption with her ministry, “Blessed Hope Family.”   

Carrie Mitchell

Youth Director

Read about Carrie

Introducing Carrie Mitchell, our Youth Director and resident ‘Captain Inspiration’! With the kind of social superpowers that could win over a room full of introverted teenagers, Carrie can make anyone feel like they’ve just been awarded ‘World’s Coolest Human’. Blessed with a brainstorming brain that fires off creative ideas like fireworks, Carrie is our go-to gal for out-of-the-box thinking. Her love for Jesus and His church is contagious, spreading faster than a viral cat video. If you’ve ever wondered why the strategies at Revolution run so smoothly, you have Carrie and her secret pastime of 3D chess to thank for that. Did we mention she’s a master at juggling? Not circus-style, but with a bustling household of five kids and a husband, it’s safe to say she’s aced the art of multitasking. From her days serving up smiles (and coffee) at Hebrews Coffee Bar to holding the reins as our Youth Director, she’s demonstrated an unparalleled knack for making people feel valued, loved, and accountable all at once. So here’s to Carrie, our positivity-spreading, youth-engaging, strategically-minded dynamo, proving every day that ‘Youth Director’ is just another term for ‘Educational Superhero’!

Melissa Mayden

Church Administrator

Read about Melissa

Melissa’s sanity could be questioned because she willingly accepted a job where she’d work with Jeff. That being said, however, her previous work as a graphic designer (for The Angel Company), as an insurance office manager (for Allstate) along with her degree in Business Management, brought a great combination together for a Church Administrator. Melissa cares deeply about people who are struggling in any way, but isn’t content to just feel bad. She wants to help change lives and connect people to God. Ultimately, that’s why she works at Revolution. She even prayed for a couple years, “Lord, I want to work for you” when, finally, she was approached about working at the Church. Whether it’s managing the Growth Group schedule, preparing for the Welcome Class, designing posters, or giving counsel to the people who stop in, Melissa fits right at home in Revolution Church.

Haylie Newell

Growth Group Administrator

Read about Haylie

Meet Haylie Newell, our fearless growth groups’ administrator and the queen of turning lemons into the best lemonade you’ve ever tasted! Haylie’s boundless positivity can make even a Monday feel like a Friday. She has a superpower for turning problems into possibilities, and if there were an Olympic event for ‘winning others over’, we’re pretty sure she’d bring home the gold. With a knack for building harmony where chaos reigns, she’s our secret weapon when it comes to making every growth group feel like a harmonious symphony. Plus, her adaptability game is so strong, she could teach a chameleon a thing or two! On the home front, Haylie maintains the same high-energy enthusiasm with her husband Logan and their two children. She’s an adventurer at heart with a life motto: ‘Bring on the new experiences!’. To sum it up, Haylie is a pro at juggling professional duties, family life, and her love for life’s novelties – always with a laugh and an infectious smile.

Cameron Church

Tech Director

Read about Cameron

Meet Cameron Church: our in-house tech maestro and online video virtuoso. With an ENFP-T’s charm and an eye always on the future, Cameron ensures that whether you’re in the pews or on the pixels, your experience is cutting-edge and personal. Behind every smooth stream and every tech triumph, you’ll find Cameron – and his competitive drive to deliver a flawless service. He’s the strategic thinker behind the seamless tech that powers every sermon and song, making digital divine and every connection count. Alongside his better half, Brancey, they form the dynamic duo that keeps us plugged in and powered up for every service.

Global Workers


Denise Conway


New Mexico

How to Give

Denise Conway began her mission through Revolution Church in 2007, you can find out more information about her mission and how to support her through her Brethren in Christ World Missions page: To learn more about how and why christians give, visit our giving page.