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Loren Houltberg

Jesus: The Great “I Am”

Did you know that Jesus has many names in the Bible? Follow along today as Pastor Loren Houltberg teaches on one of those names in his sermon titled “Jesus The Great I AM.” Starting with Exodus 3:14 and John 8:58 Loren lays the foundation for Jesus’ many uses of the phrase “I am…”

Inside Out Upside Down Living

Title: “Inside Out Upside Down Living” – Sermon by Loren Houltberg (Date: July 9th 2023) In his transformative sermon, “Inside Out Upside Down Living,” Loren Houltberg draws upon Matthew 5:3-11, among other biblical passages, to provide a profound exploration of Christian living. This sermon focuses on the concept of living a Christ-centric life, where one’s…