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Title: “Worshipping” – Sermon by Jeff Piepho, part of the “Priesthood” series (July 23, 2023)

In this sermon from the “Priesthood” series, Jeff Piepho explores the biblical theme of worship, focusing on Psalm 47 and the believers’ role as “royal priests”. He examines the purpose of being a priest, which is to praise and worship God and encourage others to do the same.

The sermon highlights why believers come together to worship God through song, clapping, and shouts of joy. Piepho cites Tozer, emphasizing that God values worshippers before workers, reinforcing the significance of worship in believers’ lives.

The sermon discusses specific worship directives from Psalm 47, such as clapping hands, shouting for joy, using loud instruments, and singing. These acts of worship are not merely expressions of faith, but they also symbolize significant biblical events and realities.

Referencing Psalm 47 and 2 Samuel 6:12-22, Piepho points out that our worship reenacts scenes from the Bible and foreshadows future divine events. It recalls ancient military victories and kings returning home with prizes, mirrors the physical manifestation of God among His people (the Shekinah Glory), and anticipates the glorious return of Jesus Christ as the ultimate King.

He also explains the importance of praise in the life of a believer and the community, using Psalms 63:4, 141:2, and 1 Timothy 2:8 as references. These verses illustrate the personal commitment and communal activity of lifting hands in prayer and worship, underscoring its significance in the Christian tradition.

Speaker: Jeff Piepho

Jeff is the founding Pastor of Revolution Church, and host of Truth Revolution. Not afraid to laugh at himself, his sermons contain plenty of examples of how he needs to apply what we are all learning.