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The Message of Philippians

The Message of Philippians

How does the message of Philippians help and show us how to be better Christians? Is there a strategy we need to have? You bet there is!


Although God made each and every one of us to have a specific purpose, there is at least one thing that God wants all of us to do regardless of what our purpose in life is supposed to be. God wants us to be ‘fishers of men’. He wants us to spread the gospel, the good news and teach our fellow man about His love for us.


There are of course, many ways in which to go about doing this. Yet the most important thing is to have an intentional strategy about how to help people know Jesus. No strategy means you aren’t going to get very far. Have you ever done something without having a goal in mind or a strategy as to how to achieve your goal? It becomes chaos when you try to do it and typically it won’t work out. The apostle Paul and Silas had some strategies about how to do what God wanted. One was to speak to people, to pray and sing about God and Jesus in all situations. Even when they had been jailed in Philippi, Paul and Silas took every opportunity to tell others about Jesus and about God’s love.


The strategy that God wants us as Christians to have is to be more like Christ. To act in a loving and selfless manner. Philippians 1:27 says that “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” By doing this, we live, show, and tell the gospel to those around us both consciously and unconsciously.


(Synopsis written by: Christine Watkins)

Speaker: Nathan Hylton

Nathan is the guy Jeff calls in a panic on Saturday morning when he doesn\’t feel like preaching the next day.