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How to Know I am Saved

How to Know I am Saved


How do I know if I have been saved? What evidence is there that will prove to me that I have been saved?

To know that we’ve been saved we need to know and to understand what love is. The Apostle John taught us that if we do not love, then we remain in death and without Christ. But what is this love that he is talking about? The way in which our culture defines love is that it is just a feeling that can change from one moment to the next. We can love pizza, love our pets, love another person. This isn’t the kind of love that John is talking about though. That love is just a feeling. John is talking about agape love.


Agape love is two things, it is self-sacrificing and a decision to put someone else above/before you. Jesus and his sacrifice for us is the ultimate example of agape love. Even though he didn’t want to die, he did so, for us, so that we could be free of our sins if only we believe. He sacrificed himself for us, put us before himself and made the decision to die for us. That is agape love.


So how does agape love let us know that we’ve been saved? In 1 John 3:14 it says, ‘We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love each other. Anyone who does not love remains in death.’ It is our love for each other, our willingness to sacrifice ourselves for someone else that lets us know we’ve been saved.


(Synopsis written by Christine Watkins)

Speaker: Jeff Piepho

Jeff is the founding Pastor of Revolution Church, and host of Truth Revolution. Not afraid to laugh at himself, his sermons contain plenty of examples of how he needs to apply what we are all learning.