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Revolution Year End Letter

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Merry Christmas

It’s hard to communicate how much God has done, at Revolution Church, this year. Thank you for being someone who loves what happens here. We aren’t a financially rich Church, but we’re rich with God’s works!!

This year a man who was questioning God’s existence heard our radio broadcast and decided to give Church a try. A lady who was in an abusive relationship came to us for counseling. A man who was an alcoholic, and another who was a drug addict, joined our small groups and found freedom. Many people like this came to Revolution for the first time.

Real PEOPLE are CHANGED here!

chruch-growth-pie-chartCheck this out! An average Church has 89 people. This year we’ve averaged 325 people/Sunday! Experts say growing by 7% is good! But, our growth rate was over 39%! We’re one of the fastest growing Churches in America – because people WHO DO NOT KNOW JESUS, or whose lives are totally messed up, feel welcome here!

Still, our offerings are very low. Half of an average Church. Why? Because, we serve people who are broken, and broke.

These people know God, because people like you invest in our mission. We added a 3rd service. Now we’re considering adding a 4th service – we can’t even fit everyone! An average Church our size would have more than 4 full time staff, we just have two, and a few part time. An average Church our size gets an offering of $8,450/week, we get $3,627.

People are coming to hear about Jesus.
Help us have the resources to help them!

– Kid’s teaching supplies, art, and snacks: $30/week                     – Sermon visuals: $10/week
– Outreach/Getting the Word Out: $4,200                                       – Invite cards: $65
– Leadership training for 40 people: $4,500                                    – Membership software: $220/month
– Another Pastor or support staff: $25,000 – $40,000                   – Radio show: $4,500+
– New building or campus: $900,000                                               – Pastoral cont. training/coaching: $3,600

Would you be willing to encourage our ministry with a special gift, this year-end, OF ANY AMOUNT?

Jeff Piepho

Pastor, Revolution Church



All year-end donations must be received or post-marked on or before December 31st if you’d like it to apply to your tax deduction!


Please choose your preference.

1) By Check.  Simply include your check to “Revolution Church” with a stamped envelope (1111 W South St.  Salina, KS 67401. ), or bring it  by if you’re close!
2) By Paypal.  Please send a payment to

3) By Credit Card.  Log on to
                    You don’t have to be a paypal user to donate there, just enter your credit card info.
4) Bank Draft.  You’ll contact your bank and have them send a regular draft (or check) to us at:
Revolution Church.  1111 W South St.  Salina, KS 67401.


Author: Jeff Piepho

Jeff is the founding Pastor of Revolution Church, and host of Truth Revolution. Not afraid to laugh at himself, his sermons contain plenty of examples of how he needs to apply what we are all learning.