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God cares more about what’s on the inside, than what’s on the outside!

“I want to learn about God… but, I don’t know if I’d fit in at Church.”

If that’s you, Revolution is your Church.

We’re a Church, in Salina, KS, for people who have never been to Church, haven’t been in a long time, or don’t own fancy suits.
We meet at 8:30am, 10am and 11:30am, at 1111 W. South St. in Salina, KS. Or watch live online.


Latest Sermons

The Authority of Jesus

Are you curious why Jesus was able to make the claims and perform the miracles that he did? In this sermon from the Mark series, Jeff Piepho explores that authority as we see it in Mark 1:21-45. Check out how Jesus amazed people with His way of teaching, not because it was new, but because…

Prophetic Poetry of the Cross

Have you ever wondered how ancient poetry connects to Jesus’ story? Nathan Hylton explores the prophetic poetry of Psalm 22 and its stunning predictions about the crucifixion of Jesus. Nathan also highlights the parallels between this Psalm and New Testament writings. Don’t miss this great look at Messianic Prophecy!

Reject What You LOVE

Do you know the cost of following Jesus? In the his second sermon from the series “Mark (Jesus – the Son of God)”, Pastor Jeff Piepho teaches about exactly that. In Mark chapter 1, Jesus tells us what we must do to be his disciples. Using Peter, Andrew, James, and John, and Jesus’ own words…

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