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Serving Questionnaire

Ministry Glossary

🧮 Administration
Your office skills impact Gods kingdom by entering data, creating documents, and keeping people in the church connected!

🔨 Building
Maintains the building, and replaces signage

👶 RevoKids
When you add your love for Jesus to serving in Revokids it leads to changing children’s lives for eternity!

🧼 Cleaning
Your talent for keeping things clean is a God given gift that helps reach spiritual orphans!

📈 Finance / Attendance
You can use your counting skills to count people for Jesus

👋 Five Minute Team
Be the first person to warmly greet newcomers to Revolution!

🦸‍♂️ Growth Groups
Helping to spiritually grow the Revolution Community through the application of God’s Word in their daily lives.

Did you know your love of coffee and Jesus could literally save lives?

🤸🏾‍♂️ On-Stage Welcomers
Welcomes everyone, and talks about the red cards

🪑 Set-up Crew
You can move chairs and organize things to help people engage in the Sermon giving them the best opportunity to find Jesus

🔊 Tech Crew
You could use your passion for worship to create an engaging environment for the people at Revolution to focus on their relationship with God!

🏃🏾‍♂️ Youth Group
Leads and teaches kids and teens 6th grade to 12th grade

🎥 Video Team
Would you like to use your skills and imagination to create videos for God?

📺 Online Video Team
Take church to people who can’t attend in person!

🎶 Worship Team
Helping you use your God-given musical talent for a higher purpose than playing concerts

🚧 New Building Construction
Working on the new building for Jesus