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Contrition and Response

In May, an allegation was made against Revolution’s former Associate Pastor, Dave Waggoner. Upon receiving the allegation, Our Senior Pastor immediately contacted the Salina Police Department. The Revolution Church Board treated this allegation seriously. Although we could not substantiate all aspects of the allegations, and it appears nothing happened at the Church, details revealed in our investigation prompted the Church Board and Lead Pastor to terminate Dave’s employment months ago.

Our hearts go out to everyone involved in this difficult situation. We are continuing to cooperate with the Salina Police Department and continuing providing support and care to those affected. If anyone knows of information the Church should be aware of, we welcome your report at

Questions and Answers

Who contacted the Police?

Pastor Jeff was the one to make the phone call and initial report.

Why didn’t you make a public statement earlier?

The Salina Police Department preferred that we not share public statements until the investigation was over. Our Lead Pastor checked with the department before sharing this publicly. Although, we did inform Church attendees.

When were the Church members and attendees told about this?

Our Lead Pastor learned about the allegations on Saturday, May 13th. On that same day he contacted the Police and suspended Dave’s employment. There was an emergency board meeting on Sunday. Dave’s employment as a Pastor was terminated on Monday. A Church-wide meeting was held on Tuesday.

How can I help?

Those involved are being cared for by others in the Church. We believe God answers prayer, so please ask him to bring wisdom, comfort, and truth.