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The CRACKED acronym was developed to help interpret the Bible correctly and answer potential Bible contradictions. When using CRACKED we gain a clear understanding of how to read pretty much anything to get to the actual meaning. CRACKED Context Revealed Author’s intent Credibility Knit together Early meaning and manuscripts Dialect Get your free CRACKED cheat…

Is Baptism a Prerequisite for Heaven?

Baptism is the expected initial outward response to the gospel, but it is not a part of the gospel itself (1 Cor. 1:17, 1 Peter 3:21). To put it in basic terms, baptism doesn’t save you – but once saved you will get baptized. For example, look at a baby being born. When a baby…

Can a Christian fall from grace?

Can a Christian fall from grace? This question is somewhat misleading. Perhaps a better way to ask it would be to inquire this way: “Can someone who does not enter Heaven be called a Christian?” Looking at it in this manner the obvious answer would be “no – someone who does not enter Heaven is…