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7 People 7 Days

7 in 7 Logo

From Sunday, August 14th to Saturday, August 20th we’re encouraging you to invite 1 person to Church, every single day.



Thinking about checking Revolution out?


1) You know God wants you to take risks for him. You know God stretches us, and it grows us. It will also be a tremendous stretch for most people to invite 7 people in 7 days. But, could you imagine what might happen to your own soul after taking risks for God 7 times? You’ll almost certainly feel God working through you, you’ll have a story to tell (or many) about how God used you or how you obeyed. You’ll probably even recognize God’s presence.

Be brave. Take risks. Yeah, we’re encouraging risky behavior… for the most important mission ever.

2) People who don’t know Jesus come to Church… when they are invited. YOU were probably invited to Revolution by another person. The vast majority were. What if nobody had ever invited you to Church? What would your life be like? What if you didn’t know God, because nobody wanted to be nervous… so they just left you… alone… We can’t do that to people! We want people to know GOD! We WANT people to love Jesus, and have their lives CHANGED!
Plus, our Church is pretty cool, so why not share it?



It’s simple. You and your kids will each receive a pack of 7 invite cards at Church. Just hand them to coworkers, waiters (if you tip well), family members, neighbors, etc. A couple examples:

Hey, I go to Revolution Church on Sunday. It’s cool and I feel like it’s helped me a lot. You should check it out [hand them the card]. I can give you a ride if you want.


In the last year, my life has changed a ton. I’m so much happier – I got to know who Jesus was, and how really trusting him is more improtant than anything. I want to share that with you [hand out card]. I go to Revolution Church. You should really check it out, I’ll be there at the 5:00pm service, and if you want, I could even give you a ride.


 You should totally come to Church on Sunday! You’d love it [hand out card]!


Investment, Not An Ad Campaign

This is about investing in people. It isn’t about an “ad campaign” and we don’t want people to feel that way. So, after Sunday, August 14th we won’t be promoting this at all. Nobody will see posts on Facebook, unless you post about it. We may have some internal e-mails to you, and some posts that only go to people who already liked our Facebook page. But, don’t worry, the next Sunday will just be a normal week. Nobody will hear “7 People 7 Days” after we hand out the cards.

Radio Ads

We’ll be doing a bunch of extra radio ads during this time! So people will probably be invited from you and hear about Revolution on the radio.