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Author Archives: Jeff Piepho

Growth Group 13

13 I’m a simple and humble man who loves 2share Christ with all those that are in my God-given path. Day: ThursdayTime: 6:00 PMWhere: Hawthorn ClubhouseWho is this for: Anyone Allergy Alert: DogCapacity: 12Childcare: No  

Growth Group 12

FULL I am a busy mother of 3 girls. I love connecting spiritually with others even though we aren’t in the same physical space. We encourage and challenge each other to grow in faith. Day: ThursdayTime: 6:30 PMWhere: Online Video GroupWho is this for: Anyone Allergy Alert: N/ACapacity: 12Childcare: N/A  

Growth Group 8

8 We are a group that meets outside of town and gather together from a wide geographical area. We hold people accountable to read the Bible and pray for one another regularly. Day: WednesdayTime: 7:00 PMWhere: Pedersen Home (Solomon KS)Who is this for: AnyoneAllergy Alert: Cats 🐈🐈🐈Capacity: 14Childcare: No  

Growth Group 6

6 Busy mom of one adorable toddler who is passionate about fellowship with other believers! This is a group for women who are ready to be held accountable. Day: TuesdayTime: 6:30 PMWhere: Revolution ChurchWho is this for: WomenAllergy Alert: NoneCapacity: 12Childcare: No  

Three Fs of Failing Faith

Three Fs of Failing Faith FEAR. We fear what will happen to our lives, and what we value, if we truly put our trust in God all the way. “Will he ask me to give up what I love? Will he expose something I did?” What do you fear? Faith must overwhelm our fear. Destroy…

Revolution Year End Letter

    Donate here. Merry Christmas It’s hard to communicate how much God has done, at Revolution Church, this year. Thank you for being someone who loves what happens here. We aren’t a financially rich Church, but we’re rich with God’s works!! This year a man who was questioning God’s existence heard our radio broadcast…

The Pseudo-Intellectual

The Pseudo-intellectual A Brief Comment on False Thinkers Originally published, circa 2004 By: Jeff Piepho   In a world of terrorism, murder and corporate fraud there are innumerable dangers lurking.  These hazards wait silently to destroy the fabric of our society.  In light of these alarming certainties, one question stands out – who really is…


The CRACKED acronym was developed to help interpret the Bible correctly and answer potential Bible contradictions. When using CRACKED we gain a clear understanding of how to read pretty much anything to get to the actual meaning. CRACKED Context Revealed Author’s intent Credibility Knit together Early meaning and manuscripts Dialect Get your free CRACKED cheat…

Fasting Spring 2015

Why are we fasting? (1) Deepen our Churches Spiritual Maturity Level Our Church has grown a lot in the last year or two.We’ve done, by the grace of God, an excellent job of reaching people who didn’t know Jesus! Lots of people LOVE God this year, who last year were not in Church at all….