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Party Time

Synopsis coming soon. We apologize for the first section of the sermon not being recorded. Outline Answers:1. Major Point: Evangelism isn’t an action, it’s a way of life!How do we appy it: The best way to do evangelism is by making friends with them and bringing people into our Community.

Our Responsibility

We have a responsibility to do Evangelism. For Christians it is not an option. In fact, the Bible calls us to “attack” people “with gentleness” when we witness to them. Find out exactly what this means in this sermon.


This life is simply preparation for our next life. If we can live with an “eternal perspective” we will realize how VALUABLE giving is. What we do here determines what our rewards will be like in Heaven.

Who Do You Trust

In this sermon Pastor Jeff examines the story of the poor widow. Did you know that “how much money you give” doesn’t actually have anything to do with giving? Find out what the real question is in this sermon: WHO DO YOU TRUST?

Reverse Giving

In this sermon Pastor Jeff advocates a new way to think and a new way to give. It is called, REVERSE GIVING! Reverse giving is the complete opposite from what many churches and teachers have been instructing people to do; but it is the Biblical way. Listen as Pastor Jeff dispells myths and proposes a…