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Sermons – 25 Per Page

Failure is Not Fatal

Josiah was a righteous King of Judah. He not only was righteous but he acted with passion towards God. He not only stopped the idol worship, but he tore down the idols and broke them into pieces. He not only punished false prophets but he desecrated graves of false prophets. In short: He was a…

Develop or Deteriorate

Nearly every consequence in life is the result of many, even thousands, of decisions: right, wrong, little or big. All Kings have many decisions, big decisions, decisions that have a direct effect on the nation under their authority and King Josiah was no exception. Each decision we make cause us to either develop or deteriorate. Jeff explores…

Lukewarm and Mediocre

Continuing in Jeff’s discussion on king Manasseh, in this sermon Jeff builds an idol, shakes up a can of coke, and talks about another king,  Manasseh grandson Josiah. What was Josiah’s response to Manasseh’s legacy? How did he live his life? Full Service


Paying attention is important. Paying attention while driving is important if you don’t want an accident or ticket. Paying attention while cooking is crucial if you want good food. Paying attention while tattooing the arm of a friend is important if you want to keep that friendship. The question for today is: What happens when we…

We Don’t Always Get What We Want

What happens next when we lose what we want, when we suffer, when our expectations aren’t met? Everyone goes through hard times, in this sermon Jeff talks about times that he suffered, when David (in the Bible) was chased for his life, and when Jesus’ Disciples watched as their ideas and hopes seemingly went down…

Disciple Makers

It’s funny how OUR REALITY is shaped by our expectation, and what people tell us! If someone talks down to you, treats you badly your whole life you’ll have a poor self-image, and If you talk down to someone else the same will happen to them! Our words have POWER, and in this sermon Jeff…

Don’t Believe the Lies!

We listen to the wrong voices often. Voices that say things like “You don’t know how big of a problem this is” and “God’s servants and your leaders aren’t right.” Each and every day you have to choose: who are YOU going to listen to? How do you make that choice. Listen as Jeff shares about all…

When You Hit The Wall

Aren’t Christians supposed to act perfect all the time? What about those times when we hit a wall? THE WALL DEFINED: In simplest terms, the Wall is when your life doesn’t turn out exactly how you planned it. Bishop Perry Engle brings us to the various walls in our lives and, whether it is loss or…

You Are More Than Your Ancestors

Who will in your family will you take after? What family heritage will guide you, or what from my past will determine your future? Ahaz completely failed at following God. He even sacrificed his children in fire. His son Hezekiah, when he became king, must have had huge fears and expectations involving his father. What was he to…

The Perspective of a King

Question: At what cost do you live your life, or accomplish our goals? Amaziah had a King’s perspective: I’m going to war, gonna make a name for myself, plunder gold and silver, and build my Kingdom. Jeff had a goal to make a yummy breakfast, but he didn’t know the eggs were stale. What should he do…

So Dead I’m Alive

The Jewish Concept of Sin: The Yetzer hara, Literally the “evil impulse” that drives us to sin, is this the biblical view? And how do we direct our desires towards Godly LIFE giving activities, instead of sinful old-self activities? Find out in this sermon.

Fulfillment in Death

Baptism represents dying to our old way of life. There is an old saying “We’ll know where we’re going when we get there.” The type of truth we follow is vitally important. There are two different types of truth: Coherent Truth: A belief system that coheres, or fits together and Correspondent Truth: A belief system that corresponds to how things really…

The Human Heart is Fickle

Joash became King at seven years old, and did what was right in God’s eyes. Joash spent the first 6+ years of his life, hidden in the Temple, probably with the Priest Jehoiada as his Father figure. We need other people to stay focused on God! God even created us to need other people! Joash…

Eyes on God!

The epitome of faith is keeping your eyes on God, believing what he said, and obeying. Marching to “meet the problem” God’s way, while singing worship songs!

Fix it On Your Own, Or Let God Win?

When we resolve a problem without God, or move forward without obeying God, we actually weaken our position – even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment!
God wants to be strong on my behalf. His eyes are scanning the Earth, looking for people he can support (2 Chronicles 16:9)!